Oromo Governance and Policy Research Institute (OGPRI)

OGPRI Objects

  • The objects of the Company
    • Promote, preserve and advance Oromo ancient Gadaa civilization;
    • Conduct comprehensive policy research on Gadaa heritage;
    • Organize educational and knowledge-based Gadaa institutions;
    • Raise funds for educational and social development;
  • implement and monitor educational, humanitarian and social development;
  • Develop model Gadaa Constitution for adoption and promulgation;
  • Disseminate through the regular organization of conferences, conventions, meetings and seminars;
  • Distributing reliable information members and other entities, including partner organizations and individuals;
  • Collect, collate and share reports on field activities from across Oromo and the Horn of Africa region;
  • Harness experience, opinions, views, anecdotes into audio, video, internet and other digital devices
  • Support transformation of existing knowledge into practical governance structure and fundamental principles
  • In general, taking all necessary and appropriate action to use the know-how and experience of Oromo institutions to advance the cause of the company.