1.      Application for membership

A person may become a member of the Company only if –

  • That person has completed an application for membership in a form approved by the directors; and
  • The directors have approved the application

2.      Categories of members

a) Nominated Members

Honorary members may be drawn from current and retired Gadaa leaders, reputable scholars who are studied and/or familiar with Gadaa system or other indigenous governance   structures, representatives of partner organizations and any other individuals and institutions proposed by executive committee

b) Institutional members

These are representatives of institutions based in Kenya, and contributing to the promotion of the ideal of good governance based on Gadaa system and other personalities proposed by the Executive Committee.

c) OGPRI Members

They are nationals of the Oromo-speaking community and anyone else who speaks Oromo language and other Cushitic languages and is as well motivated by the promotion of Oromo’s Gadaa system and ancient civilization.

d) Volunteers

These are volunteers who have freely decided to participate in the implementation of the actions of the OGPRI. Volunteers do not necessarily have to be of   Oromo origin, like the rest of the members.

3.      Other membership provisions

  • The Board may grant the title of benefactor member to any person who has provided services brought to the attention of the
  • Guests may be invited by the Company or by its members to take part in some meetings of the Company in view of their positions within national and/or international administrative bodies (such as international organizations and civil society institutions).
  • A member, legal entity, may only be represented by an officer or one of its employees who has been granted a special

4.      Membership Approval/Rejection

The Board shall decide on membership applications. Rejected membership applications must be justified in light of the membership conditions and be set forth in writing.

5.      Termination of membership

  • A member may withdraw from membership of the company by giving 7 days’ notice

to the Company in writing.

  • Membership is not
  • a person’s membership terminates in the following ways:
    • the person dies or otherwise ceases to exist;
  • termination by the Board due to failure to pay the annual membership fee within 60 days of receipt of the written reminder;
  • Loss of the capacity as member for non-compliance with the rules relating to the running of the Company (such as the Articles of Association, the Values Charter, the Internal Rules and any other serious grounds). The interested party shall be first asked to present its defense;
  • winding-up or for any reason whatsoever for legal entities; or
  • any other legal reason whatsoever that justifies the termination