Dubbi himaa Gumii Gadaa Oromoo piroofesor Hisqeel Gabbisaa

“Akka Oromootti, amma haala hamaa keessa jirra. Dhugaadhumaan bakka Afaan ingliziitin “fork in the road” ykn karaa qaxxaamuraa jedhamu irra jira. Yookis bilisuumuuf, ykn akka ummataatti tasa baduuf qarqara irra jirra. Yoo rakkoo keenya hiika itti laannee, filaannoo sirrii filanne, qarqara bilisoomaa jira. Yoo rakkoolee jiraan furmaata argamsiisu dadhabnee, numatu walitti deebi’ee wal ballesuuf qarqara geenyeera. Haalli yeroo hagas murteesaadha. Akka sabaatti, du’aaf jireenya gidduu jira.
Furmaata argaamsiisuuf yaadni biyya irraa ka’e jira. Abbootii gadaa warra amma gadaa qaban, fi kan gadaa isaanii fixanii yuuban irra kan dhufe. Obbo Dinquun Abba Duulaa amma gadaa irra jirudha. Furmaatni aadaafi, dudhaafi, qaroomina Oromoo keessa malee bakka biraatii dhufuuf hin danda’amu. Ani irratti yaadee, ol fuudhee gadi fuudhee madaalee akka nama yaada kana fudhate duwwaa miti akka nama itti amaane fudhadheera.”

“Abbaa Duulaa fi Qindeessaa sagantaa Gadaa oromoo Qorichoo Buttaa

Oromoo sabakoo, akka Gandaatti qabsaa’uu dhiisaatii akka sabaatti qabsoofnee hanga ammaatti milkaa’uu hin dandeenye.

Kanaafuu Gadaan humna. Koottaa Gaaddisa Gadaa jalatti haa ijaaramnu. Akka sabaatti haa ijaaramnu.”

My name is Hon. Ali Wario, a three-time Member of Parliament in the Kenyan National Assembly, representing the Orma community which is one of the Oromo clans that predominantly live in the coastal part of Kenya in a county called Tana River. The community is a remnant of the powerful nation of Ethiopia that migrated into Kenya through Somalia during the 15th century. During the 18th and early 19th centuries, this community was at the height of its power when it inhabited almost the entire West bank of the river Jubba to the East.

I have been in politics for the last 30 years serving the government of Kenya in different cadres. I had served as a field officer for the Kenya Red Cross Society, as a Members of Parliament for three consecutive terms of 5 years. I was an Assistant Minister in the Office of The President Ministry of State For Special Programmes, as a chairperson African Union Special Taskforce on Pastoral Policy-Initiative, Board Director with Kenya National Trading Co-operation, Chairperson Kenya Livestock Marketing Council, Chairperson Kenya COFI Sacco Society, Chairperson of The Parliamentary Labour Committee. For those years I have been serving my community I have come to realize that a large picture can give us images of things, but a relatively small one can best re-create the instantaneous unity of nature as a view – the unity of which the eyes take in at a single glance. In Kenya, we are among the minority communities but across the borders in the land of diverse beauty, we are the majority and in fact among the largest ethnic group in African continent if not the world. This simply tells you that it is how you view yourself in different given circumstances.

In the words of Benito Mussolini, he says it is the State which educates its citizens in civic virtue, gives them a consciousness of their mission, and welds them into unity. Gadaa is a unifying system that we must strive to enhance, to make it our way of life. The fundamental pillars of a community are built on peace, love and unity. To build on this we must have a system in place that we identify ourselves with. A system that is mirror-like that contemplate our values and setting agenda for not only our community but Africa as a whole. We are one community with a very rich culture and strong moral fabric hence we must have a system that binds us.

Yaa Oromo Tiya, allow me to share with you what Desmond Tutu once said that I find it noble in our context to share. He said that a person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished when others are tortured or oppressed. We need one another for our prosperity in the social, economic, and political spheres of our lives. That is the message I want to put across. The massage of unity, unity of purpose through a unifying factor which our Gadaa system. Together we can achieve anything. We are all branches of the same tree. “

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